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TEMOT International is a leading global Network of Warehouse Distributors operating in the Automotive Aftermarket,
a vital business sector, centered around the servicing and maintenance of all types of vehicles.
TEMOT was founded in 1994 by 5 European companies. With HQs near Düsseldorf in Germany, the organization consists today of
98 Warehouse Distributors as Shareholders, spread in more than 100 countries all over the 5 continents.
They produce aggregate total revenues in excess of US$ 14,5 billion, employ directly more than 35,000 people and
maintain direct affiliations with more than 12,000 garages through various garage concepts.






Passenger Cars


Commercial Vehicles


Garage Concepts



14.5 $

Total revenues in Billion



Business Objectives

The object of the organization is supporting its Shareholders and Members in the determination, procurement and administration of autoparts,
car accessories, and tools internationally, in particular, by

organizing local or international procurement,
cooperating in the data management,
optimizing supply chains,
developing garage systems and strategies.

The goal of all these measures is the reduction of costs, rationalization and sustainable profitable growth for the Shareholders.

Business Activities

Network – Shareholders


TEMOT Shareholders and Members are among the best and brightest Automotive Aftermarket companies. They are important regional and national Warehouse Distributors offering a comprehensive range of outmost quality parts from leading Suppliers for retailing, repairing, and maintaining all brands and types of vehicles. They provide the respective services, systems and concepts to installers and private, corporate or public users.

Although, TEMOT Shareholders serve all possible vehicles on the road, the Network consists of two main pillars: the Passengers Cars section and the Commercial Vehicles one. Many Shareholders are specialized in the one or the other category and some of them successfully operate in both categories.

Business Partners


TEMOT cooperates closely with several carefully selected international Suppliers. The reason behind the cooperation is the development of close value-adding commercial relationships that reinforce the competitiveness of the Shareholders. The core of the international Suppliers are cooperating globally whereas a number of important regional Suppliers complement the portfolio to fully cover geographical and sectorial needs.

Achieving business growth within the TEMOT Network is a principal objective of paramount importance and this can be realized with high level of Network compliance and reciprocal commitment that assist cost rationalization, planning and efficient supply chain.

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